Programs of Service



The primary purposes of Exchange's Americanism programs are to encourage pride in our country, respect for the flag, and appreciation of America's freedoms. Though fighting throughout many parts of the world has made it clear that a peaceful future is not guaranteed for most people, there is one country that people flock to for freedom, safety, and opportunity: 

The United States of America. 

Our Americanism programs were created in the aftermath of World War II, when the thirst for patriotism was unquenchable. We join with veterans and other civic groups to promote the rich blessings of democracy through a number of Americanism projects such as Give a Kid a Flag, One Nation under God, Freedom Shrines, and Healing Fields.


Youth Programs

Our Youth Programs are based on the idea that America's youth are our most precious resource. We sponsor many activities and programs, offer mentoring and guidance, give service recognition, and provide college scholarships.


Community Service

Community service is the lifeline of Exchange. Exchange Clubs across the country spend countless hours and dollars improving our communities each year.  Some of the programs you may be familiar with are Book of Golden Deeds, Service to Seniors, and Adopt-A-Highway.

National Project


Prevention of Child Abuse

There are many ways to fight child abuse, but it all begins with education. The National Exchange Child Abuse Prevention Programs take many steps to education the public on how to spot child abuse, to education parents on effective ways of dealing with children without abusing them, and to educate everyone on the definitions of child abuse.

Our most successful way of preventing child abuse is through our signature program, the Exchange Parent Aide Home Visitation Model, which works directly with at-risk families. The Lakes and Prairies District Exchange Clubs support their local child abuse prevention centers in these efforts.